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Wholesale Marine Boat Paint When painting your craft, know that boat paint falls into two primary categories: topside and bottom. It is critical that the paint selected for either is appropriate for the task as wrong choices can lead to corrosion, oxidation, possible leakage and damage. Fortunately, the knowledgeable staff at Wholesale Marine can guide you toward the products that are best for your vessel to extend its life and preserve its value. Wholesale Marine carries the products you want by the quality brands you expect such as Interlux, Aquagard, Moeller, and Pettit. Wholesale Marine carries anti-fouling paint, engine spray paint, topside paint as well as painting supplies. Call for advice and we’ll send you everything you need. If it floats, Wholesale Marine has the right paint for it. We offer low prices, quality products, same day shipping, and we’ll treat you like family. How’s that for service? Painting Your Boat? How to Select the Best Bottom Paint Below the waterline, it is especially critical that you select the correct paint for boat maintenance and repair. Call us with your project or issue and we’ll walk you through its solution. Has sea life made your hull its new habitat? Scrape off those stowaways and take steps to ensure the problem won’t happen ever again. Anti-fouling paint is critical to keep slime, weeds, barnacles, and other fouling organisms from ruining your boat. Anti-fouling paint isn’t just for cosmetic use, but also performance and durability. Wholesale Marine’s line of paints feature anti-fouling for racing sailboats and powerboats, protective paints for every craft that takes to the water. Know that Wholesale Marine only carries paint products tough enough to withstand frequent trailering, launching and beaching as well. Our paints will go the distance so you can sail through your spring, summer and fall boating adventures. Anti-fouling is not the only enemy below the waterline. Corrosion is another culprit. Wholesale Marine carries engine spray paint for motor surfaces above and below the waterline and it is easy to use for any application. Wholesale Marine’s engine, drive, and primer paints are for use on all outboard and inboard engines, stern drive, and lower unit applications. Interlux primers are the go to for underwater metal protection with its excellent corrosion protection. Pettit paints protect wood, fights rust, and provides a system of excellent overall adhesion. Remember, whatever your boat paint requirement, Wholesale Marine has your solution. The Best Topside Products for Painting Your Boat Sun, salt and wind conspire to make your craft’s deck and other exposed surfaces look faded and worn. The solution are topside paints which are ideal for use above the waterline, and feature a wide range of bright, crisp colors. These coatings additionally feature ultraviolet filters, gel coat-like brilliance, moisture proofing, adhesive strength, resilience, and non-skid surfaces. Best of all, the processes, which once required application by professionals using professional equipment, can now be used by the serious DIYer as well as dedicated novice with excellent results. But first things first: primers. Primers carried by Wholesale Marine cover various surfaces such as fiberglass, epoxy, wood, and metal. As with residential painting, the prep work makes the finished product look optimal. This is where you can expect to spend the most time, however the results will be worth it. Painting your boat? Wholesale Marine is your friend in the business. When you require boating supplies and sound advice, whatever your craft or level of boating experience, call us at (877) 388-2628.