Marine Alternators

Just like the similar component used in cars and trucks, boat alternators provide current that is generated and collected to use on demand as an alternative source of electricity. Onboard a ship or boat, marine alternators are attached to the engine, or to the propeller shaft. Alternators are simple machines with only two main parts: a stator and rotator. When an alternator is near the end of its service life these parts will malfunction. Here’s a simple test to check which of these parts is the likely culprit and likely requires replacement.

How to Troubleshoot Marine Alternators

There is a simple test to see if your alternator is working. Using the panel voltmeter, the reading should be 12 volts with the ignition on, but without the engine running. If you do not read a jump to 14 volts when you kick over the engine, alternator/regulator failure is usually the culprit. When you need a replacement boat alternator, come to Wholesale Marine.

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