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Anchor Rodes

Anchor Rodes simply refer to the line that connects your boat to the anchor- which means you need the best anchor rode possible to ensure your day boating will keep you hooked up. Wholesale Marine products are durable and Lewmar and Powerwinch are in stock now.

How much rope? When selecting rope, nylon rope is the clear favorite because of its strength, elasticity, and low cost. There are two rule of thumbs when deciding how much and what type of rope: 1. You should have 8 feet of rope for every 1 foot of water you will be anchoring in. 2. Your rope should have 1/8" of rope diameter for every 9' of boat.

How much chain? Along with the rope, you should also have a smaller amount of chain between the rope and the anchor. For most boaters, 10 to 30 feet of chain will suffice. For boaters anchoring in extreme conditions for extended periods of time, you will want about 1 foot of chain for every 6 feet of rope. The reason for the difference requirements is that in theory, by having 1 foot of chain for every 6 feet of rope it will create the optimal angle between the rode and the seabed. The advantage gained from this is quite small and for most boaters isn't enough to justify the extra weight that you'll need to be hauling in. For most boaters, 10 to 30 feet of chain will be more than adequate.