Load Your Boat Using Boat Trailer Guides

Boat Trailering Load your Boat with Ease Using Boat Trailer Guides

Many boaters, no matter how seasoned, dread the day when they trailer their vessel down to the boat ramp. It doesn't have to be that way. Here are a few precautions to consider and the steps to take to ensure that this task goes as smoothly as possible, year after year. With a little extra effort, any trepidation about trailering your boat can be eliminated. Here are some tips that will free boat owners to fully enjoy season after season on the water.

Preparation is key. There are a few accessory items that will take the job of trailering and launching your boat easier and damage from mistakes kept to a minimum. Taking the time to protect your investment with a simple accessory such as low-cost boat trailer guides prevent scrapes and will also maintain the value of your craft. Most important: installing trailer guides will avoid dangerous and expensive accidents when you launch or trailer your vessel.

Boat Trailering Tips for the Novice and Pro

Whether you are new to boating or a seasoned veteran, take a few moments to review Wholesale Marines guidelines for loading and trailering your boat:

  • Make a List: You wouldn't set out on a family vacation without checking that your cars tires are inflated, lug nuts are tight and the lights working would you? Do the same with your trailer and be sure to grease all bearings.
  • Check Every Part of the Towing Mechanism: coupler, safety chains, hitch, hitch coupler, hitch ball and fasteners to make sure these have not sustained damage.
  • Tie Boat Securely to Trailer: Remember that the winch line is not a tie down.
  • Load is Within Maximum Load Carrying Capacity: If you purchased a used boat over the winter and this is the first time it is being trailered to the boat ramp, make sure the craft does not exceed the limits of your trailer.
  • Carry a Spare: Spare parts are a must, especially if your trailer is older. Keep spare bearing components, light bulbs, lug nuts, male and female wire plugs and spare wire in your tool kit in your vehicle.
  • Install Boat Trailer Guides: To avoid scraping fiberglass and wood vessels. These guides can be padded with rubber or carpet and protect surfaces when loading and unloading your boat.
  • En Route to the Marina Boat Ramp: Check your vehicles brakes frequently by applying gentle pressure. Avoid quick stops. If traveling over elevations, downshift and take it slow. If the trip is over an hour, pull over every hour and check the wheel hubs. If these are too hot to touch, bearing failure may be imminent. Take a break and allow them cool down before continuing.

A little preparation and caution go a long way when trailering your boat. And Wholesale Marines Boat Trailer Guides make this task much easier while protecting your investment. No matter how basic or technically advanced your trailer, Wholesale Marine has the trailer guide padding system that will protect your boat and allow you to trailer and launch your craft safely. Whether you require trailer guide pads, a retrofit light kit, bunk style carpeted boat guides, pontoon boat guides, guide protectors, or side or keel-type guides for centering your craft, Wholesale Marine carries a trailer guide for every boat.

If you are not certain which boat trailer guides to buy give us a call. We care about our customers and share the same love of boating as you do. Were here to answer your questions and to assist you to place your order. You'll receive same day shipping and our low price guarantee. Call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST: (877) 388-2628.