Using Boat Tops to Stay Out of the Sun

How to Stay Out of the Sun

The right top for your boat can prolong lazy afternoons on the water and protect passengers from sun and wind. Boat tops can also protect the finish of teak and other decking as well as prevent sun-fade on boat furniture upholstery. Selecting the right top for your boat takes a little research, but is well worth the effort. To begin, Wholesale Marine provides an overview of the popular styles of tops for boats, as well as information about selecting the best materials and accessories for this component.

Bimini Tops

Perhaps the best known of tops for boats, the Bimini Top originated in the sun-drenched islands in the tropics. The top is comprised of a metal frame and fabric top that is easy to install and collapses when not required. Those with Biminis know that over time, the fabric will fade and fray, necessitating its replacement. Bimini boat tops are quick to install and the job goes even faster with a second pair of hands.


Many vessels with center consoles need sun protection. This is especially true of fishing craft. For these boats the best option is a T-Top. Shaped like the letter T, these boat tops have sweeping metal poles that fix to the deck and support a canvas canopy directly over the console and driver. These tops also mount easily to decking and may be dismantled and stored at the marina.

Boat Umbrellas

Not every boat needs a permanent or semi-permanent boat top. Sometimes all they require is a boat umbrella which can be mounted to the rail and provide welcome shade while piloting, grilling, or just lounging on deck. The Magma Cockpit Umbrella is a great example. Still other boat umbrellas serve a single purpose, such as the Pontoon Changing Room Privacy Partition or TaylorMades Anchorshade. Each dismantles and stores compactly when not in use. Of course, the best way to avoid the heat of the day is by getting in the water on a saddle float. Gail Force offers Extra Thick Saddle Floats so your whole family can beat the heat and enjoy each others company.

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