How Long Should Your Marine Engine Parts Last?

How Long Should Your Marine Engine Parts Last?

Given the expenses involved in owning a watercraft, it is important to maintain every major component to avoid costly repairs or replacement. A boat’s engine, for example, should last about 1,500 hours before requiring a major overhaul. Marine diesel engines can run three times as long, under the same conditions. Whatever kind of marine engine you have, the service life of marine engine parts depends on the amount and the quality of maintenance the engine receives.

Typically, boat owners can expect the first 1,000 hours of their marine engine to run reliably no matter what conditions the boat has experienced. No matter how well the boat has been maintained, it is usually at this time that engines start to demonstrate minor issues. If not immediately addressed, these small problems become major rather quickly, signalling the end to the working life of an engine. Salt, dampness, not using your boat regularly, are all factors that can kill your engine sooner than later.

How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Marine Engine Parts

A lot has been written about proper boat maintenance. Here you’ll learn the warning signs that signal trouble.

● Black smoke rising from an engine indicates that marine engine parts such as fuel injectors, may be malfunctioning. It can also indicate that the engine is overloaded.

● Blue smoke indicates burning oil. Check for worn piston rings, cracked gaskets and oil seals. This color smoke can also be due to a simple mistake, such as overfilling oil levels in the crankcase, or forgetting to replace a soiled air filter.

● White smoke usually occurs when the tank has fouled gas, there is a water leak into the cylinder(s), or there is air in the fuel.

● Too much engine oil. This may mean that water has found its way into the oil sump. Watered down oil will appear milky. Remediate at once or risk blowing a piston or cracking the cylinder head when trying to get underway.

● Too little oil will lead to an engine seizure. Check the bilge for oil residue. Too many marine engines sit low in the water allowing water to come into contact with the oil pan and other marine engine parts. This can corrode and cause major damage if not remedied.

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