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      Mercruiser Ignition Tune Up

      The condition of your Mercruiser ignition system is critical to its performance. Over time your outboard’s electrical components can be effected by wear, corrosion or system leaks. A faulty ignition can scuttle a planned outing on the water, and possibly require an expensive repair. When your Mercruiser is hard to start or will not start, Wholesale Marine offers these suggestions for troubleshooting your ignition system. This procedure enables owners to fault trace if it requires a simple fix or a significant repair.

      When it’s Time to Tune Up Your Mercruiser Ignition System

      1)    First, check the obvious. Is there plenty of gas in the tank? Are all the fluids at the correct levels? Lastly, make sure all the wires are corrosion-free and connected properly. Try to start the engine. A quick fix may be all that it required.

      2)    If there is no start from the engine, a faulty or worn spark plug may be the culprit. Pull the plug and ensure that it is clean. If it is wet, this may be an indication of a bigger issue. If the plug is dry but discolored, it may have been the wrong type of plug for your motor. Check your owner’s manual and install the right plug.

      3)    If the plug is working disconnect the black/yellow wire from the engine to check the kill circuit. If the engine still does not start, the white/green and green/white stator wires need to be replaced. This will impact the engine starting cylinder. If the engine still will not start, the stator is bad and requires replacement.

      When it is time to troubleshoot or tune-up your Mercruiser ignition system, know that Wholesale Marine has everything you need. We offer a competitive pricing guarantee and most items flat rate ship the same day. Returns are stress free and we welcome your questions. Make us your one-stop boating shop! Join ourLoyalty Program and use the points toward any future purchases. We’re here to take your call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.