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Pettit Bottom Paint

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18 Item(s)

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Pettit bottom paints come from years of high quality innovation. Pettit paint breaks there bottom paints into three families ablative antifouling, hard antifouling, vivid antifouling paints. At wholesale marine we add in the Hydrocoat family of waterbased paints as a seperate offering.

Hydrocoat Family of Bottom Paints

  • One of the most universal paints in the world, 
  • Waterbased multi season ablative protection for any water condition
  • Hydrocoat is value priced with long lasting protection
  • Offered in Traditional Hydrocoat, Copper Free Hydrocoat Eco, Hydrocoat SR (Additional Slime Additive), and now single season hybrid Neptune 5

Vivid Hydrid Antifouling  - Characteristics of both Hard and Ablative Paints 

  • Clean, bright colors including a true white and black.
  • Hybrid technology, multi-season paint film great for trailering and dry storage.
  • Smooth, slick burnish-able racing finish resists build-up.
Hard Bottom Paints - Typically boats stored in the water year around that sit part of year without monthly use. 
  • Durable paint films withstand beaching and abuse.
  • When left in the water, provides long term protection.
  • Easily burnished for a smooth racing finish. 

Ablative Bottom Paints - Great for boats that are stored out of the water part of year then relaunched the next spring without repainting.

  • Resists build up and reduces the need for sanding.
  • Surface wears away over time, consistently exposing fresh biocides.
  • Highly compatible over most bottom paint finishes.