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      Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

      • Interlux VC-17M Antifouling Bottom Paint

        Interlux VC-17M Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint New Formula as of April 2022 - Biolux is no longer included in the VC17m formula. This new formula is compatible with VC17m Extra and delivers similar performance. Interlux VC17 Bottom Paint is Only...

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      • Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

        Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT Antifouling Marine Paint Not all antifouling paint is equal in quality. That’s why Wholesale Marine only carries the top industry brands, including Interlux, an industry leader in marine paints. They have been...

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      • Interlux Micron CSC Antifouling Bottom Paint

        Interlux Micron CSCAntifouling Bottom Paint Interlux is an industry leader in ablative bottom paints, and it is trusted by boat owners for its long-lasting quality products. Interlux Micron CSC bottom paint is a multi-season ablative product developed...

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      • Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

        Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Bottom Paint Trilux 33 is formulated to provide the most effective protection for fiberglass, wood, and all underwater metal surfaces. This antifouling bottom paint is tin-free and is perfect for maintaining bright colors...

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      • Interlux ACT Ablative Antifouling Bottom Paint

        Interlux ACT Ablative Antifouling Bottom Paint Interlux ACT Antifouling Paint Ablative provides excellent season-to-season protection. Its formula includes Interlux’ Ablative Technology to remove fouling, eliminate coating build-up and with it the...

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      • Pettit Vivid Hard SR Antifouling Paint

        Pettit Vivid Ablative Antifouling Boat Paint A top marine paint brand, Pettit is known for its innovative and high-quality bottom paints. They are committed to providing their customers with the latest in technology in bottom paints. Pettit Vivid brings...

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      • Pettit Hydrocoat Ablative Antifouling Paint

        Pettit Hydrocoat Antifouling Bottom Paint Pettit Hydrocoat is an eco-friendly water-based marine bottom paint that meets all local and state regulations. It is formulated with no harsh smells or solvents. The Pettit Hydrocoat Antifouling Bottom Paint is...

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      • Interlux Aqua One Ablative Antifouling Paint

        Interlux Aqua One Ablative Antifouling Paint Interlux is a leading manufacturer of antifouling paint and has been protecting boats with their complete line of protective paints for over a century. Their name is synonymous with unmatched quality and...

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      • Pettit ECO HRT Copper-Free Bottom Paint

        Pettit ECO Hybrid Reactive Technology (HRT) Copper-Free Bottom Paint Pettit ECO HRT Copper-Free Antifouling Paint is engineered with the latest technology available to create a strong hybrid paint film able to handle the harshest marine environments...

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      • Interlux Micron Extra Ablative Antifouling Paint

        Interlux Micron Extra w/ Biolux Ablative Antifouling Paint Interlux is known for its high-quality antifouling paints made with superior products and developed for long-lasting results in all types of waters. Interlux Micron Extra is a multi-season...

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      • Pettit Premium HRT Bottom Paint

        Pettit Premium HRT Multi-Season Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint Pettit Paint's line of HRT bottom paints. Pettit HRT Premium provides excellent antifouling protection and is equally effective on both power and sailboats. This paint utilizes the latest...

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      • Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint

        Aquagard Water-Based Antifouling Paint Using antifouling paint on your boat helps prevent organisms such as algae, barnacles, and slime from attaching to your vessel. Aquagard antifouling paint helps to prevent biofouling and protects your boat hull...

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      • Pettit Neptune HRT Water-Based Bottom Paint

        Pettit Neptune HRT Water-Based Bottom Paint Pettit Neptune HRT bottom paint uses the latest technology available to create a hybrid paint film strong enough to handle the tough marine environment without building up over time. Soap and water cleanup,...

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      • Aquagard Bottom Gard Antifouling Paint

        Aquagard Bottom Gard Antifouling Paint Aquagard Bottom Gard is an ablative, anti-fouling bottom paint suited for fiberglass and wooden boats. It features a solvent-based ablative action to repel barnacles and other marine growth. Economical in price,...

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      • Sea Hawk AF33 Bottom Paint

        Sea Hawk AF33 Bottom Paint Sea Hawk AF33 Bottom Paint is a harder ablative antifouling paint that yields a more durable finish. This premium, multi-season paint is suitable for vessels of all types and is the choice of many captains of workboats, day...

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      • Interlux Ultra-Kote Hard Antifouling Bottom Paint

        Interlux Ultra-Kote Hard Antifouling High Copper Bottom Paint The Interlux Ultra-Kote is a high performance antifouling paint that is perfect for areas that experience moderate to severe fouling. Designed to provide maximum performance, the high copper...

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      • Interlux Micron 66 Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

        Interlux Micron 66 Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint The top rated Interlux Micron 66 is formulated to provide a level of anti-fouling protection not previously available in any paint. Micron 66 provides the best anti-fouling performance in the harshest...

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      • Pettit Unepoxy HRT Bottom Paint

        Pettit Unepoxy HRT Bottom Paint Pettit Unepoxy HRT is formulated to provide outstanding protection at a very affordable price. Unepoxy HRT has a smooth durable finish that is able to withstand beaching, trailering, and season long abuse. This...

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      • Interlux Nautical ProGuard Ablative Antifouling Paint

        Interlux Nautical ProGuard Ablative Antifouling Paint Sold in gallons Interlux Nautical ProGuard Ablative is performance, value and reliability all in one. ProGuard Ablative is an all-purpose, low V.O.C. antifouling paint formulated to erode away with...

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      • Interlux Micron CF Bottom Paint

        Interlux Micron CF Bottom Paint Antifouling Copper-Free Paint with Econea Micron® CF features all the fantastic benefits of Micron technology-without copper. Micron CF is your multi season antifouling solution with its Biolux® Slime Blocking...

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      Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

      Locating the best Antifouling Bottom Paint for your boat is easy. Just consult Wholesale Marine’s three-question boat bottom paint finder. Our paint finder scours over 50 different bottom paint products across the four industry-leading manufacturers: Interlux, Pettit, Sea Hawk, and Aquaguard. Start by selecting the type of water your boat is used in and your hull material. Wholesale Marine has a bottom paint for everyone with our selection of boat bottom paints that are suitable for fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and steel hulled craft. Then select the antifouling paint type that best fits your needs and budget. Read on for some additional information about the antifouling paint types that are available from Wholesale Marine.

      Choosing the Right Antifouling Bottom Paint

      Hard antifouling bottom paints have a higher concentration of biocides that form a tough coating that resists wearing away. Hard bottom paints are the best choice for boats that are kept in the water all year long. Pettit offers a great product in their Trinidad Hard Antifouling Bottom Paint which has excellent adhesion and is also highly abrasion-resistant for long wear.

      Ablative Bottom Paints have layers that slowly wear away over time, to reveal fresh biocides and to reduce oxidation. Ablative bottom paints are ideal for boats that are trailed or are removed from the water seasonally. When shopping for ablative antifouling bottom paints, a fantastic performer is Interlux Micron CSC. Micron CSC uses Micron Technology, to provide long-lasting antifouling protection even when the boat is out of the water for extended periods of time.

      Aluminum Antifouling Bottom Paints must be copper free to avoid corrosion. The most common biocide used in aluminum boat bottom paints today is Econea, which can be found in Micron CF, Hydrocoat Eco, and Pacifica Plus. Econea offers unsurpassed protection and is non-corrosive to metals.

      Go Green with Waterbased Bottom Paint

      While it may seem counterintuitive to use a water-based boat bottom paint, they are an option to consider. Water-based bottom paints are easy to clean up as they thin with water, are environmentally friendly, and offer top performance and durability. One of the top-selling antifouling paints in the world is Pettit Hydrocoat – a water-based ablative bottom paint. Hydrocoat not only offers multi-season protection but is formulated to be tough enough to withstand frequent trailering, launching, and beaching.

      Wholesale Marine Carries the Best Boat Bottom Paint Brands!

      Wholesale Marine carries a full inventory of boat bottom paints for every kind of watercraft. If you are not certain which boat bottom paint is right for your vessel, give us a call at: (877) 388-2628. Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to ask your rep about our Captain's Club Rewards Program. Sign up and begin accruing points for additional discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine.